McCullough Coach Lines offers coaches in three sizes: 32 passenger, 47 passenger and 55 passenger. All are equipped with the following features: Climate control, DVD and VHS video system, AM/FM/Cassette/CD entertainment system, Restroom and plenty of underfloor storage.

32 Passenger Coach
The 32 passenger coach is physically the same size as one of our 47 passenger coaches. The difference is inside! It is configured with "VIP Seating" which means that the seats are larger and wider. Instead of the conventional layout of two seats on either side of a centre aisle, there is one seat along the right-hand or curb side of the coach. There is a wider aisle and then a pair of seats with individual armrests. This creates a lovely feeling of spaciousness. This coach is ideal for smaller groups that you would like to give that VIP treatment to.

47 passenger coach extras:
Comfortable reclining seats
Window blinds
Retractable entrance step

55 passenger coach extras:
Comfortable reclining seats
Window blinds
Entrance step kneeling feature
Six monitor video system


Our new Setra S417 is now here. This coach sets the standard to measure all coaches. Some of its features include:

52 passenger capacity with Ambiente leather seats
Wheelchair lift
Clean diesel technology
Rear galley and dash mounted refrigerator
Advanced audio-visual system with:
* 8 channel seatback audio
* Satellite radio
* DVD and CD players
* Cordless microphone
* iPod and laptop connectivity with onboard 120V power


32 passenger interior

47 passenger interior

55 passenger interior

52 passanger

wheelchair lift

laptop & ipod connectivity